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Wisconsin Law Requires Contractors to Have Lead Safe Renovation Training

Renovation contractors working on housing and child occupied facilities that were built before 1978 must have lead safe renovation training, with a few exceptions. The training requirement applies to workers doing remodeling work in these buildings, including things such as removing old paint or surface coatings, replacing old siding, replacing windows and doors, or removing or cutting out sections of walls, ceilings, or floors that are painted or finished. The Wisconsin law, DHS 163, has been in effect since 2009 and also requires most contractors to get state certification for themselves and their company through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. A link to the DHS web page is below:

The purpose of the law is to protect children, especially those under 6, from lead poisoning. But it also protects their families and renovation workers. Removing old paint or building components with old paint, stain, or varnish can generate large amounts of lead dust. People who live and work in these buildings, especially children, can be poisoned by inhaling or swallowing this dust. Workers can also bring the poison home with them on their dusty clothes, contaminating their own vehicles and houses. Lead poisoning can lead to long term and permanent health issues, such as learning problems, behavior problems, hyperactivity, high blood pressure, infertility, and memory loss.

The only exceptions to the law are where the paint or surface coating has been tested and found not to be lead based, or where a homeowner is working in their own home. However, whenever any amount of lead is present, SA Herbst believes that people should be trained and should follow lead safe work practices to protect themselves and others. We encourage all contractors that work in older buildings, and even do-it-yourselfers, to get the lead safe renovator training.

The lead safe renovator training is only 1 day, and we train people on how to avoid these lead hazards, follow safe work practices, and properly clean up the lead when they are done. See our training schedule to sign up.