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Asbestos is Still Legal in America

It’s still legal to buy and sell asbestos in the United States. It has been banned in only a few products, including:

  • Some paper products
  • Pre-formed and wet applied pipe and block insulations
  • Some spray applied materials
  • Artificial fireplace ash and wall patching compounds
  • New uses

See the U.S. EPA web site

Other products, such as flooring, roofing, mastic and glues, caulk, plaster, and cement products can still be made and sold with asbestos in them. Building contractors and do-it-yourselfers should be aware of what they are buying and assume any materials not banned may contain asbestos.

In December 2018, the Canadian government banned asbestos sales, mining, and manufacturing with some exemptions. See the Canadian government’s web site article measures-to-ban-asbestos-and-asbestoscontaining-products.html