SA Herbst

SA Herbst presents at the Wisconsin Asbestos Conference

At the recent Wisconsin Asbestos Conference held in the Wisconsin Dells, SA Herbst trainers presented a seminar on Trace Asbestos.

Asbestos regulations generally apply only if tested building materials contain more than 1% asbestos. These are called asbestos-containing materials or ACM.  However, there are portions of the regulations that still apply even if there is only 1% or less asbestos in any building material, which is referred to as Trace Asbestos.

Many people in the asbestos business don’t realize the regulations still apply and think that if the material is tested 1% or less, then they don’t have to be concerned about asbestos. Our presentation explained what employers, building owners and employees must do in these 1% or less asbestos situations.

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